Laser-based Terabit Optical Wireless Networking
Harald Haas, Edinburgh University

Cyber security, energy efficiency, data density and peak data rates of up to 1 Tbps are some of the key performance indicators of 6G. With current radio frequency (RF) technologies it will be difficult to advance all these performance indicators jointly due to fundamental spectrum limitations in the RF domain. What is needed to achieve step-change improvements in all those key performance indicators together is substantial new spectrum, devices at high optical-to-electrical (OE) conversion efficiencies and the ability to spatially control signal radiation tightly and at low energy cost. To this end, OWC can leverage decades of developments in optical fiber communications. We will summarize recent advancements in OWC with respect to peak data rates, data density, security and energy efficiency in the context of wireless networks that will support user mobility and can deal with non-line-of sight (NLOS) situations. Finally, we will discuss results from different research projects that integrated  OWC in 5G RAN and project forward into 6G.