Exhibitor Stand Specifications


• Floor Space: 2,000mm x 2,000mm
• 1 x Rigid Banner
• 1 x Trestle Table
• 2 x Chairs
• 1 x Electrical Socket
• 1 x Conference Pass



Product Graphic Area: 1500 (w) x 2000 (h) mm
Safe Area: 1482(w) x 1895 (h) mm
Keep all critical artwork within this area.

  1. Create artwork on the ‘Artwork’ Layer in CMYK mode only
    and provide Pantone samples to match to. Leave other
    layers as they are and do not delete.
  2. Keep critical artwork (images, logos, copy or text) within
    white ‘safe’ area.
  3. Ensure your artwork extends to outer edge of the bleed
    (indicated by black line / stroke).
  4. All linked images must be converted to CMYK and be
    supplied with your PDF (Do not supply in RGB or embed
  5. All linked images used on this template must have a
    minimum resolution of 300dpi.
  6. All fonts must be converted to outlines – no live copy to
  7. You must inform us if your document contains Pantone
    colours and provide a sample to match to.
  8. Save artwork using Adobe PDF preset PDF/X-4:2010, and
    check box to “Create Acrobat layers from top level layers”.


1300mm (w) x 720mm (h) x 600mm (d)

Download stand specifications