Together, we can create a safe and successful event

Our 12 point plan to provide a safe event for all attendees.

We will be following the latest government advice and guidelines, requirements may change so please check back as the event approaches.

1. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination status or a recent negative lateral flow test and masks will be required for all participants.

Science led cleaning

Rubber Glove

2. Working with Cleanology (UK) and Rentokil (US), both leading cleaning specialists.

3. Quality focused sanitisation with ISO accreditations in place in the UK.

4. The venue is audited by Navitas.

Highly trained teams

Hand Sanitiser

5. Staff fully trained on all hygiene measures.

6. Teams supplied with the latest Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

7. Smart shift rotations to avoid unnecessary team exposure.

Space adapted for peace of mind

Fenchurch St City Lounge

8. Adapted plan for arrival, registration, F&B service and communal lounges.

9. Strong partnership with tech leaders to offer innovative experiences.

Our food offering

Touch Free Food

10. Optional pre-packed but delicious ‘grab-and-go’ meals created by the onsite chefs.

11. Certification of highest standards of cleaning, front and back of house.

12. Bento boxes pre-loaded with the option to eat within private lunch spaces.

Emergency Evacuation

The evacuation signal is a voice system announcement.

In the event of an emergency, we would ask that you use the fire exits within the venue which are all clearly signposted. Please proceed down the stairwells following the signs and exiting at ground level. Make your way to the assembly point. This is located in Exchange Square. An etc.venues member of staff will be located at the assembly point with a sign.

Emergency exits

Fire Alarm Test

Occurs every Tuesday at 8.45am