Please note timings are subject to change

Day 1 – Wednesday 21st February 2024

Start End TopicSpeakers
08:3009:00Registration / coffee
09:0009:45PlenaryHarald Bock (Infinera)
09:4510:30PlenaryBen Puttnam (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
10:3011:00Coffee break and Exhibition time
11:0012:30Panel/WorkshopUKTIN SessionChair: Dimitra Simeonidou (University of Bristol)

Nick Parsons, Simon Saunders, Neil McRae, Andy Sellars

12:3012:40Low-Loss Photonic Wire Bonds and Facet-Attached Micro-Optical Elements: from Telecom to Quantum ApplicationsSebastian Skacel (Vanguard Automation GmbH)
12:4013:10Poster Sessions and Exhibition time
13:4514:15TelecommunicationsOptical communications – The future is brightJoerg-Peter Elbers (Adtran)13:4514:15Quantum CommunicationsBuilding quantum-safe networks with Symmetric Key DistributionMelchior Aelmans (Juniper Networks)
14:1514:45Experimentation enabled by the National Dark Fibre FacilityMartyn Fice
(University College London)
14:1514:45Intra-city quantum networks and Inter-City satellite QKDSiddarth Joshi (University of Bristol)
14:4515:15Integrating Hollow Core fibres with SMFsRadan Slavik (University of Southampton)14:4515:00Characterisation of Faint-Pulse-Sources for QKDPeter Schlosser (Fraunhofer UK)
15:0015:15An Integrated Fibre and Satellite QKD Network OptimisationVasileios Karavias (University of Cambridge)
15:1515:45Delegate Coffee / Drinks Reception, Poster Sessions and Exhibition Time
15:4516:15Photonic ComponentsPump Lasers for Optical Amplification in Telecommunication Network Design, Reliability and ApplicationsNadhum Zayer (Coherent)15:4516:15Free Space OpticsNoise-robust transport and manipulation of photonic spatial mode entanglementMehul Malik (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh)
16:1516:45Components for – and system demonstrations using spatial division multiplexingGeorg Rademacher (University of Stuttgart)16:1516:45Toward Wide-Field-of-View and Large Area Optical Detectors for High-Speed Optical Wireless CommunicationAbderrahmen Trichili (University of Oxford)
16:4517:00How Does Optical Networking Fit in Telecoms Network ArchitectureAndy Reid (University of Bristol)16:4517:15A micromirror array- based streak camera for multi-channel, multi-spectral LIDAR.David Benton (Aston University)
17:0017:15Very Small Fibre Optic Interconnect Solutions Supporting the Exponential Bandwidth DemandPhilip Ward (Senko)

















Day 2 – Thursday 22nd February 2024

Start End TopicSpeakers
08:3009:00Registration / coffee
09:0009:45PlenaryGraham Reed (University of Southampton)
09:4510:30PlenaryOptical wireless: where next?Prof. Dominic O’Brien (University of Oxford)
10:3011:00Coffee break and Exhibition time
11:0012:30Panel / Workshop

Could the UK stand up an industrial-scale semiconductor fab for future optical and quantum networks?

Chair: Jose Pozo (Optica)
Iain Mauchline (Innovate UK)
James Regan (Oriole Networks)
Mike Wale (UCL)
Ning Zhang (CSA Catapult)
12:3013:10Poster Sessions and Exhibition time
13:4514:15Data CentresCloud-scale archival data storage using ultrafast lasersPatrick Anderson (Microsoft)13:4514:15Telecoms/Photonics for RANLong-haul core networks: Future needs for cable density and high fiber count cablesLidia Galdino (Corning)
14:1514:45Optical Networks for ML SystemsGeorge Zervas (University College London)14:1514:45Optical fibre fronthaul for the disaggregated 6G RANNathan Gomes (University College London)
14:4515:15Application of Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers in Optical CommunicationsRichard Hogg (Aston University)14:4515:15Fixed access evolution towards 6G networksMaxim Kuschnerov (Huawei)
15:1515:45Delegate Coffee / Drinks Reception, Poster Sessions and Exhibition Time
Best Poster Winner Announcement

15:4516:15Network PlanningVersatile Optical Network PlanningAndre Richter (VPIphotonics)15:4516:15Telecommunications / Free Space OpticsHeterogeneous Integration and Silicon Photonics: Enabling Optics at ScaleSteve Alleston (OpenLight Photonics)
16:1516:45AI Carbon Footprint: how to design low complexity and sustainable ai toolsPedro Freire (Aston University)16:1516:45Fibre optical parametric amplifiers for optical communicationsVladimir Gordienko (Aston University)
16:4517:00Modeling, Processing and Detection of Optical Signals in Advanced Communication SystemsTianhua Xu (University of Warwick)16:4517:00Mode division multiplexing technology: from ground to spaceFeng Wen (UESTC)
17:0017:15GPU-Accelerated Framework for Optical Communication System Design and AnalysisEgor Sedov (Aston University)17:0017:153.52 Tbps Dynamic Demultiplexing of Low-loss Spatial Modes in Strong Turbulence Using Reconfigurable PhotonicsUltan Daly (University of Glasgow)