UKTIN Wednesday 21st February 11:00 – 12:30

This session will introduce the UK Telecoms Innovation Network (UKTIN:  to the TOP audience. The session will also present the foresight work carried out by the Optical Communications Experts Working Group (EWG) within UKTIN and will debate interdependencies with other key technology domains in delivering future network solutions.

  • General introduction to UKTIN – Dimitra Simeonidou (University of Bristol)
  • Presentation of the Optical Comms EWG findings – Nick Parsons (HUBER+SUHNER)
  • Panel:  The role of optical and photonics across the broader telecoms ecosystem

Chaired by: Dimitra Simeonidou, UKTIN Founding Partner

Panel members:

  • Nick Parsons, Chair Optical Comms EWG
  • Simon Saunders, Chair Wireless EWG
  • Neil McRae, Chair Core Networking EWG
  • Andy Sellars, Co-Chair Semiconductors EWG

Panel session/Workshop Thursday 22nd February 11:00 – 12:30

Could the UK stand up an industrial-scale semiconductor fab for future optical and quantum networks?

Chaired by: Jose Pozo, Optica

  • Iain Mauchline (Innovate UK)
  • James Regan (Oriole Networks)
  • Mike Wale (UCL)
  • Ning Zhang (CSA Catapult)

The demand for photonic integration is likely to grow exponentially with a plethora of use cases from high speed transport, intra-Data Centre to more esoteric applications including quantum: With many of the industrial scale semiconductor fabrication capabilities being hosted in the Far East, what is the opportunity in the UK? Would the start-up costs to build UK based fabs be simply too prohibitive? Is there a niche middle way, for example focusing on compound materials? Our expert and widely experienced panellists will explore the art of the possible and aim to produce concrete recommendations in this vital area for future growth.

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