Monday 14th February

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 08:30 – 09:00: REGISTRATION
Telecommunications – chaired by Wladek Forysiak, Aston University
09:0009:30How will future optical networks differ from the past?Prof. Andrew Lord (BT)
09:3010:00Fiber to the (5G) radio: High capacity at low complexitySander Jansen (ADVA), Presented by Andrew Butler
10:0010:30Rethinking the network architecture for DAA and 5G with point-to-multipoint XR OpticsJon Baldry (Infinera)
10:30-11:00 COFFEE BREAK AND POSTER SESSIONS (Coffee break sponsored by Passcomm)
Data Centres / PONs – chaired by Andrew Lord, BT
11:0011:30Toward Energy Efficient Cloud Networking for Post-Moore’s EraFotini Karinou (Microsoft Research)
11:3012:00Optical networks for disaggregated data centers and distributed deep learningGeorgios Zervas (University College London)
12:0012:15Next Generation PON technologies Beyond 10GDerek Nesset (Huawei Technologies)
12:1512:30AI-enabled fibre-optic access networks for smart citiesElias Giacoumidis (VPI Photonics)
Photonics for RAN – chaired by James Regan, EFFECT Photonics
13:3014:00Trends in ADC/DAC technologies and their applications in high speed OTNs and future 5GTomislav Drenski (Socionext Europe)
14:0014:30How BAI Communications are improving connectivity across London – London Underground’s fast connectivity rolloutMark Francisco (BAI Communications)
14:3014:45Creating scalable and Flexible future-Proof Networks with Programmable Optical System-on-ChipJoost Verberk (EFFECT Photonics)
14:4515:00Resilient, Quantum-Secured, Time Deterministic and Programmable Network Interface Card for 5G RANReza Nejabiti, Ekin Arabul (University of Bristol)
 15:00 – 15:30 COFFEE BREAK  (Coffee break sponsored by Passcomm)
15:00 – 15:30:POSTER SESSIONS and Poster Reception (sponsored by EPIC)
UK capabilities in photonics (& new allied technologies): current status, demands and drivers, future prospects, and opportunities for growth
Speakers/panel include:
15:3017:30Chaired by: Prof Andrew Lord (BT) and James Regan (EFFECT Photonics)
John Lincoln (Photonics Leadership Group)
Iain Mauchline (Innovate UK)
Prof. Will Stewart (OFCOM)
Carlos Lee (EPIC)
17:30 CLOSE


Tuesday 15th February

Start timeFinish timeTitleSpeaker
08:30 – 09:00 REGISTRATION
Photonic Components – chaired by Georgios Zervas, University College London
09:0009:30A new industrialised platform for full photonic integrationJames Regan (EFFECT Photonics)
09:3010:00Latest advances in Transceiver technologiesLee Nelson (Lumentum)
10:0010:15High Power single mode expanded beam fiber optic connectorsGuy Nurse (Passcomm)
10:1510:30High density interconnectsRyu Takahashi (Senko)
10:30-11:00 COFFEE BREAK AND POSTER SESSIONS(Coffee break sponsored by Passcomm)
Free Space Optics – chaired by Joost Verberk, EFFECT Photonics
11:0011:30Hollow core optical fibres – a British invention with revolutionary potentialFrancesco Poletti (University of Southampton)
11:3012:00Cost-effective FSO: Challenges and OpportunitiesGerald Bonner (Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics)
12:0012:15Characterisation of low loss hollow core optical fibresRadan Slavik (Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC)
12:1512:30Environmental Sensing with Structured LightMartin Lavery (University of Glasgow)
Quantum Communications – chaired by Andrew Lord, BT
13:3014:00Building a Roadmap for Quantum CommunicationsAndrew Shields (Toshiba Europe Ltd)
14:0014:30The Impact of Quantum Technologies on Cyber SecurityJake Kennard (KETS Quantum Security)
14:3014:45Application of optical atomic clocks in a timing networkLakshmi Rajagopal (BT Applied Research)
14:4515:00The engineering of a handheld QKD systemAndy Schreier (University of Oxford)
15:00 – 15:30 COFFEE BREAK AND POSTER SESSIONS (Coffee break sponsored by Passcomm)
UKRI Hubs & Programme Grants: recent progress in optical communications, photonic technologies, quantum communications and quantum computing
Speakers/panel include:
15:3017:30Chaired by:Prof Wladek Forysiak (Aston University) and Prof Andrew Lord (BT)
Prof Seb Savory (University of Cambridge)
Prof Dominic O’Brien (University of Oxford)
Prof David Richardson (University of Southampton)
Sam Johnson (Innovate UK UKRI)
Prof Tim Spiller (University of York)
17:30 CLOSE