09:00 – 09:30
A new industrialised platform for full photonic integration
James Regan, Chief Executive Officer, EFFECT Photonics

An industrialised platform for Full Photonic Integration is democratising high performance optical systems: small, low power solutions can bring their benefits out across the world from 5G RANs through coherent ROADM networks to Quantum, Space and beyond.

09:30 – 10:00
Latest advances in Transceiver technologies

Lee Nelson, Lumentum

Whilst unprecedented growth in capacity continues, the traditional methods of scaling spectral efficiency are reaching saturation point. In this presentation we consider options for increasing interface rates whilst consciously addressing lower cost/Gb imperatives, specifically focussed on optical components & Transceivers.

10:00 – 10:15
High Power single mode expanded beam fiber optic connectors
Guy Nurse, Passcom

There are an increasing number of applications requiring the transmission of high optical power in single-mode optical fiber, such as for the power supply of remote devices known as Power Over Fiber (PoF). The DIAMOND Power Solution (PS) connector series is designed for the requirements of high-power fiber optic transmission on small core fibers whilst ensuring high reliability. Our unique expanded beam technology reduces the beam power density at the connector interface. Simultaneously, these connectors assure high transmission efficiency, thereby, minimizing Insertion Loss and maximizing Return Loss. By introducing new manufacturing techniques, we are now able to provide an improved PS+ solution offering approximately 36 μm SM expanded Mode Field Diameter (MFD). This results in the ability to provide high-power transmission of up to 16W within SM optical connectors.

10:15 – 10:30
High density interconnects
Ryu Takahashi, Product Specialist Data Centre, Senko

I would like to explore the topic of high-density interconnects involving the quick overview of the market trend in higher bandwidth connectivity requirement in Data Centre followed by the introduction of conventional and upcoming new interconnect solution in the market in which are deployed or will be deployed in near future. Specifically, I will focus on what could be the next generation high density interconnect solution for Cross-Connect and Front Panel patching solution in structured cablings. This talk will be designed to bring insights to attendees for future data centre infrastructure interconnect solution for high density interconnect applications where 400G, 800G pluggable transceiver and high bandwidth CPO based Optical Switch might play the role.